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Our goal at Fenton Veterinary Clinic, as it always has been, is to provide excellent medical care for our patients, as well as providing support and information to our clients about their beloved pets. 

This past year has offered challenges like no other. We appreciate that our clients have cooperated with our curbside protocol. With recent restrictions lifting, we are compelled to adjust our clinic protocol regarding how and when we will allow clients inside of the building. 

That being said, we will begin a phased in, modified approach for allowing clients into the building on July 6th. We are a private, small business, and thus are not under government mandate to lift the mask requirements. You will be required to wear a mask in the building. We have a small staff and small exam rooms, and need to keep everyone as safe as possible, while continuing to serve our clients and patients.

Outlined below will be our initial steps toward this new protocol. We ask for, and appreciate in advance, your continued patience as we navigate this phase of the pandemic.

1. Facial mask will be required to enter the building, regardless of the Covid vaccination status.

2. A limit of 2 clients per family will be allowed into the lobby with their pet (s) for Doctors appointments only. This includes wellness and sick visits. When a room is ready – one client per room will be allowed to go in. Due to the size of the room, we ask that you remain seated during this time so the doctor and staff members can safely examine you pet. For Technician visits, such as nail trims and blood draws we will still be doing appointments curbside to limit the traffic into and out of the building. Surgery drop offs will also be done curbside.

3. Clients who are coming up to the clinic to purchase food, pick up medications or dropping off urine or fecal samples will still be using curbside services.

4. For euthanasia’s, there will be a limit of 2 clients in the room with the pet.

If a client has grown accustomed to the curbside protocol for their pet’s doctors visits, and prefers this service, then we will oblige them as well. The doctor would then call their cell phone from the clinic after the exam in the same way that has been done since March 2020.

We appreciate the patience and understanding that has been shown by our clients. We have worked hard to provide excellent care and compassion through this difficult time. We will post updates as they occur.

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