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The caring staff at Fenton Veterinary Clinic welcomes your entire family! We have provided a list of various websites and books, and a fun project for your family to explore and enjoy together.

Links to Websites that Offer Games, Worksheets, Facts, Recipes, etc. for the Kids

**Some of these websites are in general education as well, so you may need to do a search for animal related worksheets/activities/recipes.**

boy, girl, cat and dog

Make a “FIRST VISIT” Frame

You will need: Wood Glue, paint, markers, Embellishments (stickers, etc), yarn, and 4 12 inches rulers or any sticks that can be cut to size and allow room for art.

  1. Cut 2 sticks to 6 inches and 2 to 8 inches
  2. Decorate the sticks
  3. Lay the short sticks vertical and the long horizontally
  4. Leave 1 inch overhang at each corner.
  5. Glue the sticks together and allow to dry
  6. Once dry take the yarn and wraparound each corner making an x. Tie a bow to secure
  7. Glue the frame to the matted photo you will receive at your appointment and date the back
  8. Make sure to have your child sign his/her original artwork

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